MB Southeast has over a decade of experience with the multifamily construction industry. All employees are certified Post Tension installers and have experience with conventional slabs as well as many other concrete applications you made need on your jobsite. We also have the necessary OSHA training, first aid, and several other industry certifications.

MB Southeast works throughout the southeastern United States with projects in Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. While our home office is in Charlotte, North Carolina, we will work directly with your superintendents to ensure that your schedule is maintained.

We provide full support for Post Tension and conventional slabs from engineering through installation. We are experienced with basement walls, retaining walls, accessory buildings, and many other concrete applications for your jobsites.

Our goal is to provide superior concrete contracting services while at the same time exceeding all of your customer service expectations. We use the latest software and methods to produce estimates in a timely fashion, so that the general contractor can then provide an accurate estimate to the project owner. When it is time to execute, MB Southeast will stay in constant communication with field personnel to ensure that the schedule is met so that the rest of the project can continue on time.

MB southeast strives for customer satisfaction. This starts with preparation. Regional concerns, difference in architects, and many other variables can have an effect on the details for each project. Using our experiences throughout the southeast, we have compiled a detailed start up process that helps to clarify any issues that might arise during the planning and especially during installation. Clarifying issues up front helps dramatically in solving issues ahead of time instead of at the last minute, which can then cause significant delays and additional costs. We also focus on communication. Constant communication with the Project Manager and Site Superintendent are crucial to a successful project for all parties involved.

Post-Tension Slab-on-Grade
We are a full service slab-on-grade installer. We start with initial project planning to determine the best engineering route. We then provide engineering and support through installation of the final product. View details
Concrete and Steel Structures
We set bases and anchors in footers, set elevator pits, pour upper floors over metal decking, and more.
View details
Poured in Place Technical Site Walls
We offer engineering and installation of a wide range of poured in place technical walls. View details
Poured in Place Building Walls
Our poured in place building walls range from simple straight basements to stepped walls in large buildings. View details